Sports & Live Scores

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From custom systems to Olympic Data Format (ODF). Get your sport scores live to your website or App.

We’ve been creating Live Scores Systems for over 10 years and have provided Live Scores to the sport of Curling at 3 Winter Olympic Games, as well as providing Live Scores for all of the World Curling Federation’s World Championships, Regional Championships and Olympic qualifying events in partnership with their ODF (Olympic Data Format) supplier.

Even before the introduction of ODF, Ausgate Technologies provided custom made At-Event live scores collections and display using our own proprietary systems.

Ausgate Technologies has also provided Live Scores to the unique Curling World Cup events, which followed modified rules of Curling, which provided further coding challenges and required a different display layout.

Because of the intended similarities in the ODF code structure, our systems can be modified for any Summer or Winter Olympic Sport.

If your sport doesn’t use the ODF system, no problems. Speak to us about your sports needs and we can design a system tailored to your sport.