Ausgate Sports EMS

The Ausgate Sports Event Management System helps you organise and run your large sporting event. Create and maintain multiple events and championships, collect full player, coach and staff biographies and output them to any format you need, including the standard Olympic Data Sharing format. Create teams, players, coaches and support staff and add them in groups or divisions.


eTorilla (or Electronic Torilla) is an online marketplace for community markets, craft fairs or virtual dealers rooms. Torilla is derived from the Finnish phrase torilla tavataan, which means "Let’s meet at the market square", with Torilla (singular) simply meaning "At the markets". eTorilla is currently in production. More information will be added closer to the release date.


Open4Orders (Open for Orders) is a business listing for community businesses. Created initially for businesses impacted by COVID-19 closures in 2020, O4O is being expanded for a broader business uses. More information on Open4Orders will become available as the project gets closer to release.

reThink Platform

reThink Platform is our in-house Content Management System (CMS). Developed over 10 years, reThink Platform has been used for our client base needing a CMS, but with extra features and specific functionality often overlooked or bloated by free Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.