Port Macquarie Hastings Area I.T. Services

Based in Port Macquarie in the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Ausgate Technologies can provide your business with casual, on-call or regular IT services. Whether it is simple computer maintenance tasks, backing up your system, technical support or planning your IT infrastructure, we are here to help.

A high number of businesses only call their IT support when something goes wrong! By then it could be too late.

A computer outage can cost you time and money. A simple regular maintenance plan can help prevent outages and down time, and keep your business up and running.

  • Are you making common mistakes like having your emails on the same system as your Point of Sale database?
  • Have you thought about backing up your data regularly in the event your hard drive crashes or your SSD drive locks you out?
  • How many times do you curse your computer because it’s running like a dog (tech talk for slow), freezes or locks up regularly?

A regular maintenance check of your computer and systems can help alleviate your problems and downtime. Having backups or live replication can get you back up and running quicker, which means you can back to running your business and making money. A simple regular check can ensure your Windows Update’s are current, your Virus Definitions are up to date, your browser cache isn’t clogging up your system and your computer registry is clean and efficient.

Home and Business IT Services

Smart Home

Need help installing or setting up your new Smart Home Device? We can help.

We are experienced in setting up Smart Home lighting, Bluetooth hubs, Smart remotes, Window and door sensors, PIR room sensors, Smart door locks and temperature control units. We can even link your Smart TV to your home system.

On Call UPS

We have 3 x 1.5 KVA Uninteruptable Power Supplies on call if you need to get your business up and running during a blackout. These units will power your router, EFTPOS and Poin of Sale running for a few hours until power is restored.

We can also advide your business on the best permanent UPS solution for your business.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

We offer a 7 day a week computer repair service for MAC and PC, desktops or Laptops.

We come to you and diagnose your computer issues at your home or business.

If you want to upgrade your computer we can help with OS upgrades, more RAM (memory), Hard Drive upgrades and GPU (video card) installations.